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Strategic Partnership

Business leaders face many complexities when change becomes imperative to their company’s success.
At Innotra Consulting, we understand business challenges.
Our company exists to provide you with the strategic thought partnership you need to transform the unknowns into clear direction, so you can lead large-scale growth with confidence.

Our Perspective

Customer Centricity

To acclerate organizational performance, we believe companies must lean into new ways they can provide more value to their customers.
That’s why we help leaders change their business trajectories by focusing on their customers frst.
Trust, transparency, and support are at the heart of our approach. While we help organizations execute customer-centric growth initiatives, we provide an exceptional experience for our clients as well.


Innovation + Transformation

We help you uncover new ways to deliver differentiated value to your customers through best-in-class products and services while ensuring you have the structure needed to support these changes.

Our Services

Growth and Transformation

When you’re ready to plan your transformation, we help you pinpoint obstacles and design a solution-based strategy to elevate organizational performance.
And when it’s time to execute, we leverage our experience to help you boost engagement, improve operations and bring your transformation initiative to life.
Outside of transformational initiatives, we provide partnership opportunities to build the capabilities and skills your organization needs for long-term success as well.

Our Success

Uncovering Potential

Using our proven process, we’ve helped hundreds of emerging small businesses and world-class companies like yours unlock their full business potential.
We want to see you outpace your competition. Our goal is to help you adapt to rising customer expectations by uncovering and executing on new ways to provide increased, diferentiated value to your audience.

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About Doug

Doug Touche is the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Innotra Consulting, a management consultancy firm that focuses on accelerating business transformations through strategy design and operational execution. As a strategy and operations expert, Doug is passionate about helping organizations succeed by leading the way forward with innovative customer-focused products and services.
His primary goal is to help businesses accelerate revenue, profit, and growth objectives by developing strategies and enabling operations to navigate increasingly complex and competitive environments. With extensive experience in launching new business ventures, enabling innovation, exploiting technology, optimizing core products, managing brands, and developing international markets, Doug is a transformation leader with a proven track record of delivering results.
Doug’s areas of expertise include growth strategy, innovation management, strategic planning, business incubation, go-to-market planning, strategic partnerships, brand management, international expansion, emerging technology, digital product management, talent management, P&L management/budget planning, project management, and change management. He holds a Master of Business Administration from UCLA Anderson School of Management and a Bachelor’s in Finance from Michigan State University.

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